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Sunday / June 7.
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You can now stay in a lighthouse from Fraggle Rock

You Can Now Stay In A Lighthouse From Fraggle Rock

Love bloody anything related to The Muppets, and so quickly begin checking papers holidays after I found out you can stay lighthouse fact from the program hit 80 hit 80, Fraggle Rock.

Although Jim Henson’s beloved characters have long since moved out, St Anthony’s Lighthouse in St Mawes, Cornwall, still makes for a charming – and truly iconic – seaside destination.

At the base of the striking white lighthouse is Sally Port Cottage, a one storey holiday home where up to four people can enjoy a beautiful, peaceful getaway.


With breathtaking views, this haven of tranquillity is located at the end of a 300-metre long path from the land above; offering a peaceful sanctuary besides crashing Cornish waves.

Available to book through Host Unusual, Sally Port Cottage comes with its own observation room where guests can watch the sun set in comfort.

As well as a patio with ocean views, this uniquely lovely hideaway offers a cosy sitting room complete with a telly, meaning you can watch all your favourite Muppet movies in style.


Although you may feel a million miles away from anywhere, St Anthony’s Lighthouse is located in the sweet seaside town of St Mawes, which boasts the oldest small bakery in the whole of Cornwall, dating all the way back to 1912. For those looking to explore further afield, the bustling Cornish capital of Truro, is just a 40 minute drive away.