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Saturday / March 28.
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There are certain subtle signs that a overweight pet

There Are Certain Subtle Signs That A Overweight Pet

A dirty coat, clutter can be a sign that your pet has gained weight too much to be able to properly grooming. There are some subtle signs indicate overweight pet.

Chubby pets may look cute, but that extra squishiness can sometimes lead to long-term health problems and even life-threatening medical conditions. For starters, overweight pets are at risk of joint and back problems, inflammation, and dangerous heart and lung dysfunction.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be tough to figure out if your own pet could stand to lose some weight. And so, Insider consulted with registered veterinarians to round up some signs your pet could be overweight.

Keep in mind that although this information can be useful, if you’re ever unsure of your pet’s health or want to change up their diet you should always schedule a real-life consultation with an expert. If your pet’s collar keeps getting tighter, they could be overweight.

black cat red collar

Dr. Rebecca Greenstein, chief veterinarian at Kleinburg Veterinary Hospital and veterinary medical advisor for Rover, told Insider that a too-tight collar can be one of the first signs of a weight problem.

“In the winter months, when we all get a little lazy and start packing on pounds, you may notice that your pet’s collar or body harness is getting a little snug. Instead of just sizing up, this should lead pet parents to make weight loss a priority,” said Greenstein.

One sneaky sign of obesity in pets is a matted or messy coat.

Shih tzu dog messy

Shelly Zacharias, clinical veterinarian and vice president of medical affairs at Gallant, told Insider that a chubby pet may not be flexible enough to properly groom themselves.

“If your pet is overweight, they may not be able to reach all the areas they need in order to groom themselves. Even dogs do this. You will notice a hair coat that appears more oily than usual, and has flakes or mats,” said Zacharias.