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Saturday / March 28.
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The most romantic resort in the world

The Most Romantic Resort In The World

Baros Maldives Resort has just been voted the world’s most romantic resort by the World Travel and Tourism Council. Baros Maldives has won this award for 7 consecutive years.

Baros Maldives has been in operation for more than 44 years, and is one of the first resorts in the island nation of Maldives. If you want to come here, visitors will spend about 25 minutes when using high speed motorboat from the country’s international airport.

The resort is divided into different types of houses, each with full amenities such as a porch, sunbathing, miniature bar, and an outdoor shower. The price of a place of residence ranges from more than $ 1,200 to nearly $ 5,400 per night.

The most romantic resort in the world

This resort offers travelers a variety of romantic dining options. One of the most unique buildings in Baros Maldives is the Lighthouse restaurant located in the lagoon area, serving seafood.

The bars have a classic style, bringing the feeling of warmth, elegance, and sophistication. The resort also prepares ideal locations for travelers who want to experience picnics on the beach.

The most romantic resort in the world

Baros Maldives has 4 spa areas with a variety of treatments, beauty treatments, and health. Guests can experience many types of entertainment and relaxation at sea, such as excursions on the traditional Nooma boat of Maldives.

The most romantic resort in the world

The resort also offers a ceremony service for couples to make a vow. The ceremony takes place in the traditional style of this island nation with the highlight of folk dances.