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Saturday / March 28.
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Shocking transformation journey of girl addicted to tattoos

Shocking Transformation Journey Of Girl Addicted To Tattoos

Amber Breeana Lukehas spent over 40,000 Australian dollars to have a full transformation with tattoos all over her body, including her irises.

Amber (New South Wales, Australia) has her first tattoo when she was 16, because she wanted to “know what it feels like to get a tattoo” and she was immediately “swept away”. It was an old typeface with the meaning: “You can continue to criticize but you will not be able to defeat me; no love is lost, no love is found. ”

And so far, every centimeter of her body is covered with tattoos, from flowers, skulls, animals to cubes.

The 24-year-old girl said: “As soon as the needle touched my skin for the first time, I felt extremely familiar.

My passion really exploded when I was 20 years old, I became addicted to tattoos. The feeling of my tattoo is unlike any other. I feel like every negative energy is released, minute by minute, ”said Amber.

Shocking Transformation Journey Of Girl Addicted To Tattoos 2Amber before her transformation

Amber was a tattooist while learning traffic control. She does not remember how many times she has tattooed. She stopped counting when she 150th tattooed but she thinks her whole body now has at least 100 tattoos.

This hobby cost about 40,500 Australian dollars.

She also made her tongue split in half and placed a piece of silicon in her eyes to look like a mutant in a comic.

Perhaps the most shocking tattoo and Amber likes to tattoo the irises into a light blue color.

“The iris tattooed caused me the most pain in all tattoos so far but it was worth it. Every morning, when I wake up and look into my eyes, I feel happy because blue is my favorite color, ”Amber said.

Shocking Transformation Journey Of Girl Addicted To Tattoos 3Her passion for tattoos coincides with the time when she needed mental support after going through extremely difficult years.

“I was well taught. My mother worked hard as much as possible to give me everything I wanted but I still felt very lonely.

I was just a child and because my mother worked too much, my father couldn’t remember the face. And just like that, gradually I craved a feeling of never being lonely.

Depression and anxiety appeared when I was 15 years old. Personality disorders and schizophrenia later appeared a little later, “shared Amber.

But things changed when she celebrated her 20th birthday: “I decided that I would stop hating myself at the age of 20. The hatred that I harbored in my heart about my image destroyed me. Depression is the main cause and it keeps me hiding in the house for weeks. ”

Shocking Transformation Journey Of Girl Addicted To Tattoos 4Amber enjoyed the feeling of tattoo needles running through her flesh

Such thoughts were so negative that Amber had committed suicide at least 15 times.

“In all those horrifying times, there was a very different experience. I was hanging up in the pitch black space and then heard a voice from heaven: Amber, this is not the time. I felt someone untie the rope from my neck, I fell to the floor, crying and panting non-stop. I still hear that sound today, ”Amber said.

Amber Breeana Lukehas
Amber regularly posts photos showing her transformation on social networks because she hopes to inspire people to love their bodies, while promoting the positive of tattoos and body modifications.

“We should all try and take a step back and wonder what creativity and passion will show themselves. Instead of hiding from someone, look at their beauty,” Amber said. expressed.