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Tuesday / June 2.
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Robot holds the cat when the owner is away

Robot Holds The Cat When The Owner Is Away

When you come home and see your cat lying curled up in the spot, robot holds the cat when the owner is away.

But in fact, cats are extremely curious and hyperactive, so they will be very easy to go crazy and need movement. So the Ebo project – making a cat-playing robot holds cat – was born and is raising money on Kickstarter.

Ebo is a small spherical robot that automatically rolls around the house, grabbing attention and keeping the pet cat busy when its owner is away. Designed to simulate animals, it can move continuously, play and adjust the sound itself. In addition, it also owns a glowing LED screen that looks like eyes. This combination is sure to get your cat interested and responding in an improvised fashion.

Robot Holds The Cat When The Owner Is Away

Ebo also incorporates a number of toys that cats love, such as feathers on the head of the comma and laser lights that cats can not resist but have to chase. Besides, Ebo’s outer shell is also designed to protect the robot from damage due to cat’s paws and drool. In the event of a knock, Ebo can also roll itself up thanks to a special balanced structure. And yet, it also has the ability to scan (scan) to detect obstacles around, and redirect itself thanks to the impact sensor warning. With all these features, Ebo is specially designed to play with cats when the owner is away, by scheduling up ahead.

When the power runs out, the Ebo will automatically return to the charging dock. The high-capacity lithium-ion battery can help the robot operate continuously for 2 hours in automatic mode, and also takes a long time to fully charge.

Robot Holds The Cat When The Owner Is Away 1

In order to help owners capture the moments of a cat while not at home, Ebo is also equipped with a camera and a microphone remote control via the smartphone app. Thanks to that, you will not only see, hear and talk to the cat, but also can directly control the robot moving back and forth or projecting a laser to play with it. Because cats are an endless topic of video sharing online, the application also allows owners to edit and upload photos, videos, … taken from the camera to social networks.

In addition to the standard model, Ebo also has a Pro version that uses AI to analyze the behavior and psychology of cats, to decide how to play with it and improve over time. In addition, buyers also have the option of a collar to track the steps of the cat and health status measurement tool, ensuring Ebo works like a fitness trainer. For these reasons, Ebo promises to be well received by a community of cat lovers.