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Tuesday / June 2.
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Nosewalkers – strange animals use their nose to move

Nosewalkers Strange Animals Use Their Nose To Move

On the Hiddudify Islands in the South Pacific, Nosewalkers – the most exotic animal on Earth, despite having legs, they decide to use their nose to move.

You might think it’s ridiculous before seeing them, but in reality, they’re probably more bizarre than you might imagine.

On our planet once existed a creature instead of moving on all four legs, they used their nose to support their bodies and move while they had completely legs.

Moreover, their noses are extremely flexible and can be used to fight, hunt and even flirt during mating season.

However, this mysterious creature exists only on the island, but the islands were unfortunately sunk after the US nuclear test.

And of course, the mystery of this animal will certainly attract scientists around the world. Unfortunately, today the records of them in the world have almost disappeared, and there is only one book record the behavior of all animals that move with their noses, as well as a hand-drawn image illustrating each species. The author of this book is Einar Pettersson – Skämtkvist, who is said to be the first to discover these mysterious creatures.

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Einar Pettersson is a Swedish explorer. In 1941, during the fierce World War II, he was captured by Japanese army.

Luckily, he found an opportunity to escape, and as a result, he was shipwrecked while on the run and was washed into the paradise of nose-moving animals – Hiddudify of the Hi-iay Islands in the South Pacific.

Nosewalkers Strange Animals Use Their Nose To Move 1

When he landed on the island, he was extremely surprised when he saw the strange behavior of the animals, he did not expect that on Earth there were animals that could use their nose to move.

In addition, he also found a unique endemic plant, as well as primitive insects such as cockroaches, six-pointed dragonflies, and other species.

there is Darwin research facility on the right edge of the archipelago, which provides a study site for a team of international scientists. This file also stores a large number of actual observation documents and records. The discovery of this nasal animal made the world of animal research stand out, making it the greatest discovery in the field of zoology in the 20th century.

The scientists found that the animals that use the nose to move are mammals extremely agile and active, their pregnancy usually lasts from 7-12 months. As a result, their fertility is not as strong and as regular as other species in the world. However, due to a few natural enemies, the chances of survival are high.

The nose of other animals is only respiratory organs and olfactory organs, while the nose of the Nosewalkers has replaced limbs and is used more. Therefore, zoologists specifically named it “Nosewalker” to distinguish it from the nose in the conventional concept.

Nosewalker’s nasal cavity accounts for most of the body length. In addition to maintaining breathing through the nostrils, it also has tougher tasks such as moving, burrowing and hunting.

To be able to move freely, the nasal cavity of these species is equipped with strong bones and joints that make their nose grow like the legs of other animals.