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Saturday / February 22.
HomeTech & ScienceNASA says dangerously giant asteroid is rushing towards Earth

NASA says dangerously giant asteroid is rushing towards Earth

Nasa Says Dangerously Giant Asteroid Is Rushing Towards Earth

NASA has confirmed that a potentially devastating asteroid is moving toward our planet at incredible speeds, but the risk of impact is not high.

An asteroid called 2020 CH with a diameter of 22-55 m are heading towards us at a speed of 33 thousand km / h. Although it sounds disturbing, the fact that this space phenomenon is interesting and the ability to collide with the Earth is not high, even though it is still labeled dangerous by NASA, it should be closely monitored.

NASA once thought that only 0.1% of the Earth is likely to be attacked by a large asteroid every year. In addition, the probability of an asteroid falling in uninhabited areas is 20%. “An asteroid larger than 25 m in diameter, less than 1 km fall to Earth will cause local damage to the area it collided with,” NASA said.

It seems the asteroid approaching us possesses the right size to cause catastrophic collisions. However, asteroids are not expected to touch Earth. In fact, the nearest estimated distance the asteroid reaches when approaching Earth is 0.029 astronomical units, 4.5 million kilometers from Earth.

Nasa Says Dangerously Giant Asteroid Is Rushing Towards Earth 2The shockwave from a meteorite in Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013, injured hundreds of people, making it the largest damage ever caused by meteorites in modern human history.

There is another asteroid on its way to Earth earlier this week. According to The Metro, eight other celestial bodies with similar flight routes have been discovered in recent weeks. All are big enough and will approach us close enough.

In addition, a 77-meter-wide asteroid called 2020 BQ11 flew past us on February 8, with a distance of 4.8 million kilometers from Earth.

NASA says asteroids are potentially dangerous if they travel less than 7.2 million miles from Earth. BQ11 is within that range, so the agency has flagged it, but primarily for surveillance purposes. The chances of it hitting the Earth are extremely low.

NASA also said the asteroid the size of a football field only appears about every 2,000 years. The last time our planet was attacked by such an asteroid was 66 million years ago.

In 2013, a meteorite exploded in the sky of Chelyabinsk in Russia, with the equivalent of 22 kiloton of TNT. Surprisingly, this meteorite is only about 20 m in size.