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Saturday / March 28.
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Model from Russia jailed after bragging about drug use

Model From Russia Jailed After Bragging About Drug Use

A model from Russia has been jailed for 18 months after admitting using drugs in a magazine interview. 28-year-old Anna Glazova was arrested in January 2019 after boasting about having regularly used heroin for a decade while working as a mode.

Stating she had continued to function normally despite her heavy drug use. In an article published December 2018 under the pseudonym ‘Teo’, Glazova claimed her relatives had been understanding about her drug use, and went on to refer to heroin as being ‘a model’s constant companion’.

Model from Russia jailed after bragging about drug use

However, authorities were not quite so understanding in this matter, and proceeded to track down and arrest Glazova after she attempted to do a runner following the article being published.

Pictures shared of Glazova resulted in her being dubbed Russia’s most beautiful drug addict’. However, officials have alleged she was glamorising heroin, and ordered the article be removed.

An outspoken advocate for legalising various types of drugs, Glazova has regularly written about her views on social media. Drug addiction has been a pressing social issue in model from Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union, with authorities having regularly been criticised for implementing glazova  laws without improving access to effective treatment.

Glazova had apparently not expected to serve jail time, and was reportedly left furious after being informed she would have to spend 18 months behind bars following a trial.

Model from Russia jailed after bragging about drug use

After her sentencing was announced, Glazova took to social media to accuse her former legal representative Taranishenko Nikita of doing a bad job.

The model accused Nikita of being ‘legally illiterate’ and alleged he had come up with proposals ‘that would obviously not benefit me as a client’.

Glazova also claimed Nikita had been rude and abusive during meetings, and that he had falsely claimed she had received funding from exiled Russian businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky. It remains unclear at the time of writing whether or not Nikita has responded to his former client’s criticism.