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Sunday / June 7.
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Lucas Quinn founder game Adorable Home surprised netizens

Lucas Quinn Founder Game Adorable Home Surprised Netizens

Not only created the family game causing worldwide fever, Lucas Quinn also won the hearts of many girls thanks to his handsome appearance.

Released on January 9, the Adorable Home family game quickly became a worldwide phenomenon with over 5 million downloads after 2 months. The game plot revolves around building a young family with spouses and cats.

In the recent VTC news, Lucas Quinn – founder of Adorable Home – suddenly appeared and shared about his “child”. Besides the gentle, fluent voice, the boy also scored thanks to the student face and cute smile.

Photos of Lucas Quinn were quickly shared on many online forums and stormed with thousands of comments. In particular, most netizens praised the appearance of the boy, even jokingly changed the name “husband” in the game according to him.

Lucas Quinn founder game Adorable Home surprised netizens

Currently personal information as well as social networking accounts of the young game founder have not been found. Lucas Quinn shared Adorable Home was the first game he programmed. Therefore, he is very surprised when his “child” is known and loved in a short time.

The boy revealed that the goal of creating the game is to help the player relieve loneliness and feel happier after the stresses of daily life. “You can build a house of your own with all your love,” Lucas said.

In addition, he also said that he is continuing to develop the bathroom feature, improving the rooms available in the game while creating more interaction between the two characters and the pet.