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Saturday / February 22.
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Korean Fall – A wandering adventure

Korean Fall A Wandering Adventure

What is attractive in South Korea to make tourist believers always appreciate? Let’s take a look at Korean fall specialties that fell in love with you?

When the hot summer heat passed, making room for the cool air of the autumn period with a bit of chill in the winter, South Korea transformed from a hot girl to the shy girl behind the shawl, Warm sweater. It is no accident that director Yoon Seok Ho became famous after the four-season Love series. In this East Asian country, each season can write a romantic story. If Spring is as romantic as Valse songs, summer is like a strong love. Winter is the inspiration for deep love songs, the romance in Autumn is like stepping out of a fairy tale.

Coming to Korean fall is like a lost story. Where visitors can unleash the feeling of soaring according to the scenery, lightly tracing the leaves with shades of yellow, red and warm. Korean Fall also has no shortage of festive activities, lively entertainment as well as culinary specialties in the season.

Korean Fall A Wandering Adventure

Winter in Korea starts from December to the end of February with a cold. Spring opens in March and ends after 3 months for Summer to reign. As the season between the frustration of the summer sky and the cool air of christmas, the temperature in autumn is perfect for interesting outdoor activities for couples or families. The magical moment of changing seasons makes people. Especially tourists, comfortable to move and move between the places to visit without worrying about sweating like summer or the chill of winter.

The sky in the autumn seemed to gradually lower, making the atmosphere like condensed, thick but not stuffy, darkening like winter. In the cool breeze sometimes there are some breeze blowing on the skin, making you want to breathe some cold air to fill the dry, pleasant breath.

Korean Fall A Wandering Adventure 1

People often remind spring with pictures of flowers blooming, indeed, this is an opportunity for blooming cherry blossoms or canola flowers blooming. But then that was it. Flowers are the creatures that receive more vitality of the earth and sky in spring than all other species, besides cherry. The roadside trees still have a realm interspersed with dead grasses that have not yet been revived. Fragmentation in a scene can be a bit confusing if you want to get a holistic picture.