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Tuesday / June 2.
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IKEA allows customers to pay by time

Ikea Allows Customers To Pay By Time

Many IKEA stores are often located away from the city center, making it difficult for customers to visit in person. Therefore, the furniture industry giant recently launched a new campaign called “Buy With Your Time” to thank and encourage customers to come to IKEA more.

Ikea Allows Customers To Pay By Time 1

The program has been part of a media campaign that has been in use since earlier this month after IKEA opened its second store in Dubai. Accordingly, customers coming to IKEA Dubai, besides regular payment, can pay by “time”.

Ikea Allows Customers To Pay By Time 3

Specifically, IKEA Dubai has converted product prices into a specific number of times, corresponding to the time that customers move from home to store. When paying, customers only need to use Google Maps to know the routes have passed and how long they have gone, from which the number will be used to pay for the items.

This also means: The more time customers take to IKEA Dubai, the more they can buy more.

Ikea Allows Customers To Pay By Time 4

“Before the birth of this campaign, we realized two things: time is precious today, and many loyal IKEA customers spend a significant chunk of it visiting our locations, which are sometimes away from the city center,” said an IKEA spokesperson. “We think it’s only right to reward our customers’ efforts by repaying them for the time spent reaching us. It’s our way of helping the Dubai community make the most of every minute.”

Ikea Allows Customers To Pay By Time 2

However, according to Forbes, besides the material benefits for customers, in the long term, campaigns like this will make them spend more time. For example, instead of taking time to learn a new foreign language, a new language, or learn self-development skills, customers will increasingly spend their time trading material values.

And so, instead of paying off for spending time with world brands and corporations, real customers will lose more.