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Saturday / March 28.
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Girl suffers from ‘childbirth pain’ every time she makes love

Girl Suffers From Childbirth Pain Every Time She Has Sex

Jillian Currie has made it difficult for doctors as she claimed that every time she makes love, it’s like she has ‘childbirth pain’ she can’t do anything.

The mysterious condition of Jillian Currie began in 2014, but until now, after seeing many experts, she was diagnosed with vulvodynia – a chronic pain syndrome that affects her vulvar.

Jillian, from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (UK) despite that “sensitive issue”, decided to speak out about her situation while still fighting the disease.

“I can’t stop feeling that there is a difference in the way men and women treat body problems,” she said. Women are often quiet about the problems their bodies encounter, sometimes not being properly taught about their bodies. ”

At the age of 20, Jillian began to have the perineum skin torn whenever she has sex. Besides the tear, Jillian was also bleeding badly, so much so that she would have to put large tampons in her underwear, changing them several times a day.

Girl Suffers From Childbirth Pain Every Time She Has Sex 2

Sharing on a personal blog, the 26-year-old girl said her problems appeared when she started having sex. By the time Jillian put the implant, she realized she was bleeding more and the condition was not stabilizing even when her body got used to hormones so she changed the method of contraception to medication, but the more bad.

In 2011, the doctor removed contraceptives for Jillian for fear of contraception made her problem worse. For a few years, everything looked good.

Three years later, when Jillian was in a relationship, the skin tearing began again. “I have a deep tear, the right place where women will tear when they give birth. Every time I had sex it was like that and it hurt so much that I had to stop. I was in love, but my condition made us unable to get close to each other and I also lost confidence.

At first Jillian thought she had cancer but fortunately it was not. At 24, it is still too early for Jillian to be eligible for routine smear tests but doctors have agreed to do so to get to the root of the problem.

Jillian has been found to have ectropions – a condition in which cells from inside the cervical canal are externally present, causing bleeding, discharge and ‘childbirth pain’ during or after intercourse.

She was disposed of eliminating them but the old symptoms soon returned. At the end of last year, Jillian met a sexual health specialist, and was diagnosed with vulvodynia. Although she was relieved to name her condition, the reason why Jillian’s skin was so fragile and fragile was still a mystery.

The thin or inflamed vaginal wall, sometimes due to estrogen deficiency, has been proposed as a cause for Jillian’s disease. She is currently undergoing a hormonal treatment process and has to wait and see if it works.

Girl Suffers From Childbirth Pain Every Time She Has Sex 3Jillian said she has childbirth pain whenever she has sex

Jillian wants to speak up about her situation to circumvent the psychology of restraint when it comes to sexual health.

The situation is still adversely affecting Jillian’s emotional life. “I almost panicked if I talked to some guy and he started flirting, because I knew I would have to tell him sometime I couldn’t have sex as easily as people. different, ”she said.

However, Jillian’s main concern now is educating as many women as possible: “I want to show myself to show how many women are suffering like me. If I read a story like mine a few years ago, I would have felt less alone. ”