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Tuesday / June 2.
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Firefighters rescued 6 koalas from death after a bushfire

Firefighters Rescued 6 Koalas From Death After A Bushfire

A hero fireman working in Australia have tried to pull out six koalas harmful road after he discovered they were wedged together between a forest fire.

Hundreds of firefighters have been working tirelessly for weeks on end in an attempt to limit the damage caused by bushfires raging across three states in Australia.

The blazes have killed at least nine people, destroyed more than 700 homes and scorched millions of hectares, destroying huge swathes of koalas’ natural habitat.

Dozens of the marsupials have been rescued from the flames, with one woman using the shirt off her own back to do so, but there’s still lots of struggling animals out there.

One firefighter, named Adam, was tackling a blaze in Cudlee Creek, a small town near Adelaide, when he spotted six koalas trying to avoid the fire.

Entry Of The Koala Female Sydney

17 April 2019, Saxony, Dresden: The koala female Sydney sits on a tree in her enclosure in the Prof. Brandes house in the zoo. The almost two-year-old female came from Antwerp Zoo to Dresden. Photo: Robert Michael/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

Along with some of his friends, the heroic man was able to rescue every single one of the koalas and ensure they were taken out of harm’s way. An Adelaide resident named Janelle Michalowski drew attention to Adam’s ‘amazing work’, posting a photo of the rescued bears on Facebook, sharing a picture of the six koalas together after they had been taken to safety. The poster added ”Koala Rescue” were ”all over it”, indicating the animals had been taken to a shelter to be cared for. There are a number of animal hospitals providing aid for creatures suffering in the wildfires, so it’s unclear exactly where the koalas were taken, but hopefully all six of the animals will make full and fast recoveries from the ordeal.

Dozens of fires are still active in Australia and recent record-breaking temperatures have only worsened the problem. In a post on Facebook on Friday, December 20, Adelaide Koala Rescue explained bushfires caused by the extreme heatwave have been devastating koala colonies across the Adelaide Hills.