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Tuesday / March 31.
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Dinner much increases the risk of cardiovascular

Dinner Much Increases The Risk Of Cardiovascular

Dinner is too full will make you feel uncomfortable in the abdomen and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, especially women.

This is a preliminary research result published by the American Heart Association. To this end, scientists conducted a study with 112 healthy women.

The team checked the volunteers cardiovascular health at baseline and a year later. They tested 7 cardiovascular factors including: blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, physical activity, diet, weight and smoking status. Results showed that those who consumed more calories after 18h daily, heart health will be less, blood pressure tends to increase, poor ability to control blood sugar.

Dinner much increases the risk of cardiovascular

However, scientists will also conduct broader research to get more accurate and reliable results.

The work, led by Dr. Manasi Das (University of California in San Diego, USA), advises women to find ways to wrap their day meals into 8-hour meals, or diets 16: 8. Specifically, you should have breakfast a little later, have dinner a little earlier and do not eat late, for example breakfast at 10am and dinner ended before 18h daily. He and his colleagues found that women’s metabolic health may affect breast cancer risk. With the aforementioned diet, a person will have 16 hours a day without eating at all, as a kind of intermittent fasting. This intermittent fasting improves blood sugar control, enhances brain function and lifespan.

Thanks to good sugar control, increased metabolism, this diet helps women reduce the risk of overweight, obesity and metabolic disorders, problems that have been shown to increase the risk of developing cancer breast.

After three experiments on mice that were made to have breast cancer, the scientists even found a clear difference in how the tumor grew: the 16: 8 diet even suppressed the The tumor in the mice was already ill. Making the disease much slower than the group eating many meals spread out throughout the day.

Dinner Much Increases The Risk Of Cardiovascular 1

This miraculous effect is also related to the aforementioned diet that helps control blood sugar better, the body does not have to produce excess insulin. Insulin activates cells, including cancer cells, to grow stronger, according to previous research. High levels of insulin-related hormones in obese people also contribute to breast cancer.

The research has just been published at ENDO 2019 – the annual meeting of the Endocrine Association held in New Orleans, USA.