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Saturday / March 28.
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Couple having long distance relationship ‘sleep together’ via video call

Couple Having Long Distance Relationship 'sleep Together' Via Video Call

Video calling during sleep helps couples having  long distance relationship to meet, sleep more easily and even to be sure of their opponent’s fidelity.

Kaci Alvarez, a 20-year-old journalism student living in Ontario (Canada), and boyfriend Ryan Klepacs live a few hours apart by car.

Every night, the couple are chatting on Skype. But when they both fell asleep, they still didn’t end the call. And the next morning wake up, video chat is still running.

For many people, getting a video while sleeping is uncomfortable and lacks privacy. But for couples like Alvarez and Klepacs, this is completely comfortable. Living in 2 different cities, video calls like this are helping them maintain minimal intimacy.

Couple Having Long Distance Relationship 'sleep Together' Via Video Call 2Video call make couples having  long distance relationship feel intimate or sure about the loyalty of the other.

Each pair of long distance lovers choose to “sleep together” through video calls for a variety of reasons, from romantic to practical. For some, it’s simply to make sure your partner doesn’t sneak around every night.

“Basically, he couldn’t cheat on me while I was watching the conversation,” said Krissy Cless, rapper and 24-year-old salon owner in Miami.

There are also people who say they can’t sleep without video calls for the other half every night. When Alvarez returns to visit family, where wifi is limited, she and her boyfriend will save data by not calling during the day, but saving to sleep together in the evening.

Lack of physical touch can make video calls less intimate than when sharing a bed but offers intimacy in a different way: A person can go to bed with a one-night stand, but will never sleep with strangers via FaceTime.

Couple Having Long Distance Relationship 'sleep Together' Via Video Call 2You can sleep with a stranger for one night, but you will never sleep with a stranger through FaceTime.

For Pia, 20, working at a veterinary hospital in Florida (USA), video calls all night with her husband helped her feel more secure when away from him. “He’s always there,” she said of her husband, who is a land surveyor in New Jersey.

Sleeping together via video calls sometimes feels as real as sharing a bed. Your partner’s snoring and the other half’s alarm can still wake you up.

However, there are still technological limitations such as flickering wifi, limited data packages and low battery on phones.

However, even if all of these factors are perfect, says Craig Heller, a biology professor at Stanford University who specializes in sleep studies and sleeping together via video calls is not a good idea. Blue light from the phone screen can disrupt sleep.

Moreover, sleeping together on a video call can never replace direct intimacy. Alvarez and Klepacs have recently moved in and no longer need to rely on technology every night.

“When we share a bed, that’s great. Every morning gets better,” Klepacs said.