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Tuesday / June 2.
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Australia celebrates Christmas with a burnt pine tree

Australia Celebrates Christmas With A Burnt Pine Tree

To mark a sad Christmas holiday this year, Australians built a burnt Christmas tree in the forest fire in the country.

Australia Celebrates Christmas With A Burnt Pine Tree 2

The “burnt Christmas tree” is on display in Sydney’s central business district as “a symbol of support for those who’ve lost their homes and livelihood”, according to the Australian Red Cross, which helped set it up as part of a fundraising campaign.

Christmas holidays are taking place in the country while people are still struggling with a series of horrific fires. So far, the fire has killed eight people and destroyed more than 700 houses, burned more than 1.2 million hectares of agricultural land.

On December 20, Australia experienced the fourth day of the historical heatwave. More than 200 firefighters are mobilized in 5 states. Many cities hundreds of kilometers away from forest fires are still covered by toxic fumes.

It’s one of several projects underway by Australians trying to keep a holiday spirit alive as they struggle with the fallout of weeks of fierce fires, sizzling temperatures and suffocating pollution that have left eight people dead and, so far, destroyed more than 700 homes and 3 million acres of farming land.

On Friday, Australia suffered through the fourth day of a historic heatwave in the South Hemisphere summer that has swiftly surpassed previous records.

The heatwave has provided fresh kindling for the over 200 bushfires that firefighters were battling across five states, leaving cities even hundreds of kilometers away, such as Melbourne, enveloped in hazardous smoke.

The chaos pushed Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to cut short a planned family trip to Hawaii. He apologized on Friday (Saturday NZ time) for being on holiday as the fires blazed.

Bushfires Continue To Burn In New South Wales

Many schools in Australia are closed for holidays. Usually this is a chance for people to travel to areas like Sydney, Blue Mountains, Shoalhaven, and Illawarra. But these places are struggling with fire.

The government recommends that people not visit these areas because they can get caught in a fire. Many families had to change their vacation plans.