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Thursday / May 28.
HomeDaily NewsA man was ties to a column due to not wearing a face mask

A man was ties to a column due to not wearing a face mask

A Man Was Tied To A Column Because He Was Not Wearing A Face Mask

The health officer in Puyang City (Henan, China) caused controversy when arbitrarily tying people with ropes because they did not wear a face mask while going out.

Footage shared by Chinese state media shows the man being fastened to a pillar by ropes outside a building as he tries to explain to the inspector that he had forgotten to put on his mask.

 The incident occurred in Puyang City, Henan Province.

“He forgot to wear a mask. Do you want to live? Even if he wanted to die, the other people still wanted to live on, ”the self-governing team member shouted.

Meanwhile, the other man tried to explain that he forgot to bring a face mask.

Below the video, many internet users expressed anger at how they behave towards people.

The health officer had seen the man without a mask in Huizhai Village in the township of Mengke before stopping him and punishing him, according to a post on the video news account of state newspaper Global Times on Twitter-like Weibo.

The 10-second clip captures the officer yelling and pointing at the man while another officer ties him to the column from the back.

The inspector’s behavior caused an uproar on Chinese social media after the footage appeared online over the weekend.

City officials later confirmed the incident and explained that the man routinely went through checkpoints and never wore a mask, ignoring the warning of medical staff.

However, they admit that the staff of the self-governing team has handled the situation inappropriately. The self-governing staff involved in the incident will have to write a report and be disciplined and re-trained by the city police so that no similar situation will occur.

As the number of coronavirus cases has increased rapidly since the beginning of the year, Chinese people are required to wear masks when going to the streets to reduce the risk of infection. The government also applies many measures to check that people comply with orders.

The clip was uploaded to Weibo by an influential local blogger, known as ‘Xianning Big Small Matters’, on Friday before going viral.

The family clashed with a group of health officers after the latter broke into their living room to stop them enjoying the pastime, it is claimed.

Almost 1,900 people have now died from the killer coronavirus rapidly sweeping the world.

And more than 73,000 patients have been struck down with the deadly SARS-CoV-2 infection, including nearly 1,000 outside of China.

Ninety-nine percent of cases have been in China, where tens of millions of residents are in lockdown to contain the escalating crisis.

The Diamond Princess cruise, docked off the coast of Japan, has the largest cluster of cases outside of China, with 542 passengers infected.

Most of the cases recorded overnight were in the deserted Hubei province, which is home to the coronavirus epicentre of Wuhan.