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Tuesday / June 2.
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8 times Harry and Meghan break royal protocols

8 Times Harry And Meghan Break Royal Protocols

Following Princess Diana, by almost universal acclaim, Prince Harry and Meghan are considered as the new “break royal protocols” of British royal due to myriad times violating royal etiquettes.

As a member of England royal protocols, there is a string of regulations you have to follow which have been considered as unwritten rules of the court.

However, royal members do not always act as white sheep of the family. Pretty much every member would break the rules from time to time. Not a long time ago, Princess Diana has always had a rebellious streak since hugging an HIV patient or appeared in a “revenge dress” as soon as hearing the confession of her husband along with numerous honest interviews about her marriages. All the above mentions have taken a ream of England paper and other royal members shrieks of surprises.

After almost 2 decades, it seems that Princess Diana has to give the title to a couple of Sussex – Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. Whether they were accidentally or deliberately, this couple has been at least claimed for a breach of royal etiquette.

8 Times Harry And Meghan Break Royal Protocols 1

  1. Meghan didn’t wear underwear in a royal protocols

In her first debut as a Duchess, Meghan chose a nude dress with a Phillip Treacy’s hat which was a completely safe choice. Things only got dramatic as online comments pointed out that Meghan didn’t wear her undergarments.

With regard to the unwritten laws of the British Monarchy, women aren’t allowed to appear in official events with bereft of underclothing. Nevertheless, Meghan has been always an advocate of feminism and believed that fashion is all about elegance and comfort.

And honestly, the duchess’ outfit wasn’t offensive, just didn’t follow the code of royal.

  1. PDA (public display affection)

There are no “official” protocols in the court when it comes to holding hands in public. However, Queen Elizabeth II does have a number of rules that she’d prefer her family to follow. According to traditions and unwritten precedent, the royal members shouldn’t show affection for each other in public. Probably that’s the reason why we have never seen Prince William and Duchess Kate hand in hand in public. The Queen of England and her husband, Prince Phillip, have also remained the slightest displays of affection since they got married.

On the contrary, the couple from Sussex is quite comfortable about this. It’s likely that they prefer getting close in public. Harry even gave Meghan a passionate kiss following the victory in a charity polo.

Notwithstanding, PDA in sports events is not a rare sight from royalty. Princess Diana used to kiss Prince Charles many times in similar events.

8 Times Harry And Meghan Break Royal Protocols

  1. Meghan closed a car door

It’s actually no official etiquette or royal protocol about this, but there is a written precedent that royals don’t close the door by themselves.

Usually, if you are a member of the royal family or a dignitary, you have a member of staff to open and close a car door for you.” Said William Hanson, an etiquette expert.

  1. Prince Harry flew to Canada to meet Meghan during the visit to the Caribbean

Before bending one knee to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry once flew to Toronto to meet his love who was busy with the filming schedule back then.

The problem lies in the fact that the prince had flown to Canada during the trip to the Caribbean in schedule while as stated in British royal regulations, royals shouldn’t combine works and personal business.

After the visit to the Caribbean, Prince Harry supposed to return to London to attend other events. However, Harry chose to meet the love of his life.

  1. Meghan didn’t wear pantyhose

Pantyhose are one of the most essential items with women in the court and utilized when they appear I public. It is said that Queen Elizabeth II prefers all the members of the family to follow this.

Nevertheless, it’s been countless times that Meghan has broken a nail. It is reported that wearing open toe constitutes a breach of royal protocol.

  1. Taking off the shoe on the beach

In the trip to Australia in October 2018, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the beautiful beach Bondi of Sydney. With the aim of enjoying the delightful scenery, the couple decided to take off the shoe and walk on the sand just like other people there.

This action, though adorable, is against the royal protocols. Royal members aren’t allowed to take off their shoes in public, especially women.

  1. Meghan walks before Prince Harry

According to the etiquette, royal members who have lower titles will walk lightly behind. Meghan, though, walked before her husband in many cases.

  1. Say yes to Black

It is believed that in British royal, black is often remembered with tragic and sad events. Therefore, wherever they go, the British royal families always have a piece of black clothes in there suitcase, in case something unplanned happens.

This is unwritten laws were enacted by Queen Elizabeth II after the trip to Kenya in 1952. The story goes that when the father of the Queen passed away, she didn’t bring black clothes. In the end, she had to wait in the plan until the staff brought her funeral clothes.

If there’s one person who isn’t afraid of this rule in the court, she must be Meghan. It’s simply because she’s usually seen in black clothes attending royal events