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Tuesday / March 31.
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4 bad bits shorten your lifespan

4 Bad Bits Shorten Your Lifespan

Whoever has a normal BMI but the waist circumference measurement is greater than 88 centimeters run the risk of dying young than others who is below 88 centimeters. 4 bad bits shorten your lifespan.

This is the result of a 15-year study of The University of Iowa, America, and it is equally true for both men and women. Researchers stated that habits in daily life affect human longevity.

  1. Wider waistline shorter lifespan

The U.S. is the country with the highest living standard and the best health services. However, the life expectancy of Americans is 78 which is 6 years less than the Japanese compared to their average 84. The main reason is due to the habit of consuming abundant fried food and sweet. The rate of obesity in the U.S has reached 30%.

Researchers realized that after eliminating the effect of smoking, drinking, exercising or BIM, whoever has a wide waistline has an increased risk of dying young due to heartache, respiratory disease, and cancer. It can be said that a “wider waistline shorter lifespan” has a basic.

  1. Laugh less

According to Wayne State University, America, those have a strong sense of humor living 7 years longer than those who don’t.

Why a simple expression on your face can create a big difference in the lifespan? This is because laughing can decrease adrenaline which is good for your heartbeats, alleviate tiredness and lower blood pressure, etc.

A new study was recently published in Psychosomatic Medicine. Norway scientists declared that laughing every day will help expand our longevity, especially women, even ones with life-threatening illnesses.

World Health Organization indicates that 50% of human longevity depends on the interpersonal psychotherapy. The reason is really simple. A negative and depressed person will easily develop bad habits such as smoking, drinking, staying late, etc. Thence, the body will reap the consequences of those unwise decisions.

One lives longer or not depending on the way they behave towards life. Consequently, if you want to live longer, you should laugh more and deal graciously with others to widen your circle and reduce the burden.

4 Bad Bits Shorten Your Lifespan

  1. Sit more than 3 hours

Nowadays, white-colors oftentimes spend 8 to 10 hours a day sitting. At the beginning of 2003, the Worth Health Organization revealed that about 2 million people died from prolonged inactivity. Estimated in 2010, 70% of health problems are related to inactivity.

First and foremost, a sedentary lifestyle leads to stress-related neck and back pain. Aside from that, inactivity blocks blood circulation, affects many organs and tissues, namely, heart, brain, blood vessels, and reduces the secretion of the digest system, etc.

4 Bad Bits Shorten Your Lifespan 1

As for many people nowadays, standing up and going outside is a luxury. So as to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, you should not sit for more than 3 hours. Stand up and exercise at least 10 minutes every 2 hours.

  1. Too much for dinner

Studies show that dinner occupies 25% of supporting lives and 75% of maintaining the income of hospitals. In regard to the modern pace, dinner is very important since it has become the main meal. Many people acclimatize to consume a ton at dinner. Nevertheless, as a result of reducing the movement at night, the digest system will bear the burden.

Try to follow a light supper at night and keep the meat to a minimum. Increase the portion of vegetables and cereal, replace meat by fish and seafood which are low-fat food.